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Individual Therapy
Tailored to Your Needs
Anxiety, Stress, Self Esteem, and Life Transitions

Are you feeling anxious? Are you constantly worried about your family, your work, or school? Do you feel like you are experiencing more stress every day? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you struggling with low self-esteem or depression?


Perhaps you are going through a life transition and need help adjusting to the changes it has brought about. It could be anything from a big move to a career change, divorce, or even becoming an empty nester.

We all occasionally experience worry, low mood, anxiety, anger, and a variety of other feelings daily. We need our feelings; they are there to tell us something. But sometimes, it seems like our feelings are taking over our lives. 

I can help you discover the right coping skills that work for you, process self-defeating thoughts you are repeating to yourself, normalize your feelings, and accompany you as you experience changes in yourself and life. Even exciting, pleasant changes can be scary! In times of change, grief and loss are usually present, even if minor. 

Please get in touch so we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

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